Sally M.

San Francisco, CA

I found Karry’s Auto Body from Yelp reviews and am so appreciative for finding them. Karry helped me make the right decision at a time when I needed to make a quick decision under very difficult circumstances.

Earlier this spring I got into a car accident where the repairs by one auto body shop were estimated at $3,500-4,000. I took my 10-year old Honda Civic EX to Karry’s, who gave me an estimate of $2,500-3,000 (so much lower and with an estimate I trusted – I knew Karry’s would do quality repairs). Even though the estimate at Karry’s was substantially lower, I was dubious of investing a few thousand dollars into a 10-year old car, even though it was all-paid-off and well-maintained. Plus, I had been considering selling my car anyway, since it is a bit of a nuisance to own one in SF.

I wasn’t even a customer of Karry’s, but he took the time to help me, nonetheless. It was a Saturday morning, the day after my accident on a rainy Friday night the day before, and I was outside Karry’s shop with the tow-truck driver, who had coincidentally offered to buy my broken car for $1,000 cash. I was debating whether that was a fair offer. Karry took me into his office and we searched around on Craigslist at similar cars like mine – 10-year old Honda Civic EX’s, manual transmission, sun-roof, 4-door, well maintained, and all-around good cars. Mine was valued at around $5,000-5,500 so with potential repairs of $3,000 and the doubtful proposition of selling a broken car (where the damages could potentially be more than aesthetic, as the drive shaft could have been damaged), Karry helped me assess that the $1,000 the tow-truck driver offered me, in cash, was fair. I maybe had a loss of $1,000 on the car’s value, but I certainly didn’t have the friends in auto-repair that the tow-truck driver had to repair the car for less than $3,000, and I also didn’t have the patience to sell a broken car on Craigslist and deal with the tickets I would get leaving it on the street to show it since it was not driveable.

Even though it was just a car, I had owned my little “Green Racer from Japan” for 6 years, and it had ventured with me from Colorado to Chicago to Washington DC to San Francisco. I was heartbroken at the thought of selling it, but I knew I had to remain calm and rational that Saturday morning to make a smart decision, based on logic, not emotions. Karry helped me get the facts, and helped me rationalize that it would probably make more sense to sell it, given the nuissance and potential risk (not selling it) of selling a broken car, and assured me that the $1,000 cash offer on the table was a good one.

Thanks Karry! Whenever I purchase another car, I certainly know my auto body shop of choice, should I need it!