Lou G.

San Francisco, CA

This is my 1st review. I like NOT being nickled and dimed. First let’s go back a bit shall we?

This past weekend a moment of carelessness left my 2010 brand new oversized BMW X5 with some damage after scraping against my classically undersized SF garage frame. Now, I’ve always been a do-it-yourself sort of handy-guy, but I’ve come to two realizations: 1. Every craft has its own intricacies, special tools, and tricks that come with years of experience, and 2. I value my sanity more than saving a few bucks, so I did what’s sensible, yelp around for a good repair shop. I called on Wednesday and set an appointment for 9am Friday at Karry’s Auto Body Center.

I arrived for my appointment and was immediately greeted in a fashion reminiscent of a Waldorf Astoria Doorman. Almost instantaneously, Karry Man got two of his guys on the job, one to remove stubbornly stuck garage door frame paint from the area (and polish it), and the other to disassemble a portion of the front bumper in order to re-attach a reflector lens. He said it would take 10 minutes so I decided to go get coffee. I took my time and noted that the general area has lots and lots of Auto Body Shops, all of which seemed to be at various stages of opening (at the time Karry’s was in full swing). I came back just in time to see the re-assembly of the bumper, which included a “rivet tool” which I know I don’t have. All in all the work took 30 minutes and it looked fantastic! I was concerned, as that kinda service usually costs a pretty penny, so I mentioned that I was “self-pay”, as he offers 25% off labor for self-pay (no insurance) customers. As it turned out, his price was very reasonable, the work was excellent, and I’m ecstatic to have found a reputable auto body shop. Now I just hope I never get into a situation that requires me to come back, knock-on-wood!