John B.

San Francisco, CA

On Christmas Eve, a gentleman in a beat up Ford F150 was backing down the street and didn’t stop till his his bumper was in my back door.  The door was destroyed – totally punched in.  It was appalling.  Luckily no damage extended beyond the door.  Also, luckily, this gentleman had insurance.

I keep my car in mint condition.  It’s a silver Infiniti G35. It’s almost 3 years old, and almost not a scratch on in – till now.  So, for me it was very important that when the door was replaced, it wouldn’t look all rough and/or discolored like you see on some cars.  I wanted it to look like nothing ever happened – the way it did before.

So, I consulted Yelp, and searched for a body shop that had good reviews, and maybe even some feedback on similar damage that was repaired.  The reviews about how much business Karry has are all true.  It’s amazing how much work they have, and how efficient they are at getting it all done.

Karry told me to come out on, I believe it was the 26th, and he quickly assessed the damage, and gave me an estimate.

I dropped my car off on Monday morning (1/8/08) – I wasn’t in a hurry to get it fixed, mind you.  I don’t drive much, and I wasn’t interested in a rental car, even though insurance would have covered one (and they will arrange for one to come there and drop off a rental car for you).  I was told that it would take probably about 1 1/2 weeks.

The person who hit my car had AAA insurance (which also was very good about coming to inspect my car, and negotiating with Karry).

Saturday, Karry called me and told me it *might* possibly be ready on Monday (15th).  It wasn’t ready by Monday, so I called on Tuesday – he explained that the delay had to do with reprogramming the back window to roll up and down, and that he hoped it would be ready by end of day Tuesday.  So he called me back at about 4pm to tell me it will be ready by 6.

It was all waxed, shiny, and clean.  Smelled good inside, too.  But most of all, my car looked beautiful – like nothing ever happened, and the way I wanted it to look.  I didn’t think they could make it look so good.  Karry even says I can come in later and get touch ups when I get chips in the paint from rocks – that it’s covered for the life of my car.

I’ll definitely bring my car back here for repairs, the next time some wonderful person smashes into me.