What To Do With Your Auto Body Estimate

After an accident, your car may have physical, body damage. But before rushing into any immediate decisions, you need to have an idea on the price of the job that is about to be taken. Your mechanic will give you an auto body estimate before he carries out any form of work. Some body repair centers will give you this estimate for free, providing you choose to go with the company. The estimate will then prepare you for the real cost. You may also what to find out if there are any hidden extras, which may not be apparent at first. Many companies will attribute most costs to the amount of labor involved. The parts are always at a fixed cost from the supplier. Unless you have a modified car which will need more time and money spent to restore it.

Source: ImageShack

Once you receive your estimate, you’ll know whether the price is right or not. You can even shop around to see which repair center will give you the best deal. The mechanic will also need to know who is going to pay for the job because sometimes it can be another party. If the mechanic requires removing other parts of the car, in order to restore or change specific pieces that have been damaged, they will need to understand why the cost is more than they might expect. Again, this comes down to labor costs.

If you are weary of the auto body shop that you are talking to, then you could ask them for a portfolio of their past work. This will show how they provide estimates to customers in the past. Preferably, the vehicle should have been in an accident where some major body work was required; you can then see the transformation these mechanics have made in the past. In turn, you can subsequently put your mind at rest that they will carry out the same top quality service for your car. If you are still worried about whom or where to leave your car, you can always go to your car’s manufacturers garage and pay a little more for their service. This way you will be safe in knowing that the service received will definitely be to the standard you expect, with little to no complications at all.