The Peugeot HX1 Concept

Source: BestCarsReviews

We in the US love our cars. You can confirm this with the amount and time we spend on choosing, driving, fixing and caring for them. Also take in the amount of car shows that take place every year nationally and internationally and the vast turnout they bring. We have our favorite brand such as BMW, GM, Mercedes and the like; let’s take a look at a new concept car being offered by Peugeot in Frankfurt’s upcoming car show this September.

When we think of the French the things that often come to mind are good cheese, wine and the Eiffel Tower,-not cars. Rest assured they have their hands in this creative and lucrative market as well. Peugeot is to debut a new concept car call the People Mover HX1. It is a high end large sedan that will cater to the well off family set. In releasing this concept, the company is announcing that it has decided to return to the luxury sedan segment after its most recent choice of discontinuing their previous high end models last year. The car itself is appealing to the eye and has sinuous lines. It is made in a unibody architecture form and resembles a mix of coupe, wagon and crossover. The car hosts four doors which open and close in a semi-scissor fashion which optimizes passenger boarding. The interior is made of leather, natural oak brushed metal and fiber. The car will be offered in regular and hybrid form if taken to market.

This all sounds great so far, now I know many of you who may not be familiar with the car brand are thinking that you may have had a Peugeot coffee grinder, what you are thinking is correct it is one and the dsame company. To link all facets of their organization, the car will have a coffee machine and a mini bar standard built in to its white marble rear console. The fun is only getting started; the company also joined hands with shoe craftsman Pierre Hardy to craft a concept pair of ladies shoes that can change between slippers to make driving the HX1 easier and high-heels for when it’s time to make a fashionable entrance. Along with these extravagances, the actual driving of the cars is optimized as well. The car has seven spoke wheels which will create a type of turbine and the side skirts come out when the car reached 62 miles per hour. The shape and cut of the car have been chosen to optimize air flow, thus making this a car that actually adapts to its environment.

Not all cars that are conceptualized and shown make it to the market, but this one has a good chance of being in that lucky number. China and Australia have become 2 of the largest consumers of high end and luxury cars, most of which are produced in limit numbers further increasing their value.