5 Easy Ways To Maintain The New Car Look

Source: NationalDetailCenter

With these tips on how to detail your car, maintaining your paint job will seem easier than you think. Some people don’t like the idea of spending half a day cleaning and detailing their cars. It’s not that bad; all you need to do is to recognize what products to use for each texture and surface. If you combine that with some manual work and a couple of hours, your car will look like new. In addition, the more you do it, the longer your car paint will last and plus, it will seem easier every time you do it. Here is what you need to take care of:

1.Interior: It doesn’t take much effort and time to maintain your interior. You just need to wipe the dash with a vinyl protectant once a month, to keep it from cracking over time. Same thing applies to leather seats.

2. Tire cleaning: Although they say you should wash the car from top to bottom, most people like to clean the tires first. This could be because tire cleaners are supposed to work best, when applied to dry tires. After this little tire treatment, you need to get to the dirty part of the job: use a scrub brush to get rid of all the road grime and brake dust. In order to avoid damaging the surface when cleaning tires, it is better to use the newer all metal tire cleaners. These cleaners are formulated to work on bare aluminum, magnesium or painted wheels.

3. Wash: It’s no secret that the foundation for any detailing job begins with washing. In order to get the best results, use car wash soap and never use dish or laundry soap. Mix in enough soap, so that the water feels a bit slippery. First you have to rinse the entire car to remove larger dirt particles, after that use a thick wash mitt and apply the soapy water. It is best clean one section of the car at a time, so the soap residue doesn’t dry on the paint. After that, dry the car with a soft towel or chamois.

4. Polish: Color gets its shine by reflecting the light. In order to reflect the greatest amount of light, the paint’s surface must be as smooth as possible .On the other hand, scratched and damaged paint looks dull due to its rough surface; this doesn’t reflect as much light. Reasons for the topcoat wearing out: freeway driving excessive sun exposure, bird droppings and hard water. If you don’t take care of your car properly, the color will seem faded because of tiny scratches that have developed over time.

5. Wax: Wax is like a coating that keeps paint from drying out, and acts like a moisturizer. It also provides a protection layer against the sun’s UV rays. If you want to apply wax, you should know that it requires more effort, but the finish lasts longer. What you need to do is apply the wax with a soft sponge, wait for it to dry and wipe the residue with a microfiber towel.

If you just do these simple things once a month, your car’s interior and exterior will look and last much longer.