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Karry’s Collision and Auto Body Center is based in San Francisco in the South of Market (SOMA) area. Karry’s specializes in all types of car related collision repair services, including auto body repair work, painting and restoration. Karry’s repairs collision related mechanical issues such as suspensions, radiators, and other critical mechanical parts. Our primary goal is to restore your car back to its original, pre-accident condition and we will work with your insurance company every step of the way to minimize your involvement. Should you have to pay out of pocket and require a discount, Karry’s has a very good reputation for being one of the most inexpensive repair shops in San Francisco. Rest assured that there is no sacrifice to quality.

We know that getting in to an accident is stressful, therefore let us take care of the details for you. We are one of the most highly rated auto body repair facilities in San Francisco on the consumer review site Yelp, as well as being one of the most often reviewed. Please read our testimonial page to see the positive reviews that we have received and you will see that the common theme that runs throughout is not only our excellent customer service but our attention to detail and high quality workmanship.

Karry’s Collision Center not only specializes in domestic cars but foreign cars as well from Europe and Asia. Rest assured that our highly skilled team of I-CAR certified technicians will produce a complete and correct repair. We use the newest and best repair technology and automotive paints available on the market today. We source both OEM (original equipment) and aftermarket parts in order to fit your budget needs, and offer super discounts if you have to pay for your automotive repair out of your own pocket.

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  • Timo H.

    San Francisco, CA

    I went to Karry’s after reading the positive reviews.  My Infiniti G35 had a broken side mirror, a minor dent in the fender, and a scratched up bumper.  When Karry found out that I was planning to sell the car after fixing it up, he offered to touch up any other nicks or minor scratches on the car.  He gave me a reasonable quote, I dropped it off the next day, and picked it up the following day.

    The workmanship was top notch, although I later discovered they missed a spot.  They also left some polishing compound or something on the rear bumper which didn’t rub off easily when I tried.  I took it back the next week and Karry took care of both problems the same day.

    It was nice that they washed the car (they must have to with all the dust from the work they do), but the windshield was all smeary and there was some spots inside the car where it looks like dirty wash water got in.  I know Karry’s is an auto body repair shop and not a car wash, but still a clean rag on the windshield would have been nice.  :-)

    All in all, I will go back — the work was done well and Karry was easy to work with.

    Update:  Three weeks after the original work was done, and after I posted the car for sale on eBay, I dented the fender!  Doh!  A quick call to Karry had my car in the shop that evening and back in my hands 24 hours later back in good shape.  And this time the car was clean.  I am upgrading my rating from the original 4 stars to 5 stars.  Thanks, Karry!


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  • Wily K.

    Seattle, WA

    Karry is the Man!

    I had some repair work done on my 2004 Saab – a guy had scaped the hell out of my front left fender, knocking off the turning signal.

    After seeing great reviews on Yelp, I called Karry to schedule a time to take my car over to Karry’s for an estimate.

    When I got there, Karry greeted me by name – don’t know how he recognized me, maybe by my car?  This is awesome customer service.

    Karry gave me a VERY reasonable estimate – a bit cheaper than the other estimate that I got from another collision shop.  In addition, he took great care in explaining everything that would have to be done to repair my car.  Really went the extra mile, so I felt great about giving him my business.

    I got my car back 2 days later, and the work was superb.  Repainting bumpers can be really tricky, but Karry’s shop did a flawless job.  Looks brand new.

    I was all bummed out that the guy who hit my car didn’t hit the back of my car, since I have a couple dings and scrapes back there.

    Oh wait… Karry did a great touchup job for FREE on the back of my car!  Why?  Just because I guess!

    Service was great, inspired trust, and Karry’ DEFINITELY has my loyalty.  Would recommend him to anyone wholeheartedly.


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  • Ivan E.

    U.S. Road Warrior
    Austin, TX

    I was sitting at my place yesterday and all of the sudden the SF Fire Deptkindley knock on my door to tell me they hit my parked car. (1968 Plymouth Valiant).

    I called Karry to see if they were open today July 7th and who answers his cell phone Karry. The guy was at his own personal wedding getting married and HE ANSWERED MY CALL….WOW!!!! I can only say, what customer service already.

    See ya next week Karry!!!


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  • Richard B.

    San Francisco, CA

    After Rock the Bells I decided to “bap the whip” (fender bender) into a taxi. It was completely my fault and I had no one to blame except for myself. So on Monday I went around and got a few estimates. The 1st place I went to was asking for $1250.  They were going on and on about paint matching for a MBZ and how much labor would cost to take apart the bumper because it is constructed in 3 pieces. The 2nd place i went to had a much better price but was extremely sketchy.

    So the next day I bring my car into Karry’s. Karry’s price was the lowest by far. The work was top notch and when I picked up my car it was immaculate . It was so clean that it put that spot on Divis& Oak to shame (You know the one). I would recommend Karry’s to anyone who’s day has been ruined by an accident. You won’t feel as bad after you talk to him.


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  • Aaron V

    I don’t always watch movies. But when I do, I prefer tresequis.
    San Francisco, CA

    Had a great experience with Karry’s. I had to give them a call because some mofo keyed my car! Giant initials on the door of my 2005 Accord. I’m just lucky I didn’t have a stroke right there or make one of my eyeballs pop out through anger alone.

    Karry helped me out though. Fast service and great attention to detail. He even found some additional damage that the adjuster had missed and took care of getting the estimate increased. Super easy process and my car looks great again.

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  • Coline d.

    San Francisco, CA

    I have taken my Honda CRV to Karry twice and both times, have had an incredibly positive experience. I generally tend to approach all body shop and car service businesses with extreme distrust, but I did not have to worry with Karry. He looked at my car, and was honest as to what he could do, and more importantly, what was worth doing (he is not one of those types that keep adding unnecessary activity and labor and parts to the final bill just to make himself an extra buck). His price was very fair, and my car was ready very quickly over Thanksgiving weekend. The second time I went in, my car was ready the same day.

    Karry is very honest, pleasant, professional, and fair. He originally worked at Don’s body shop (who I called before Karry, but did not have a positive experience). Don’s has “an arrangement” with the San Francisco Honda dealership and their prices are significantly higher than Karry. Additionally, their service is not as personalized. I strongly recommend Karry. He is on my speed dial list- I call him now whenever I do something to the car, and it is fixed before my husband ever notices! THAT is worth a ton.


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  • John B.

    San Francisco, CA

    On Christmas Eve, a gentleman in a beat up Ford F150 was backing down the street and didn’t stop till his his bumper was in my back door.  The door was destroyed – totally punched in.  It was appalling.  Luckily no damage extended beyond the door.  Also, luckily, this gentleman had insurance.

    I keep my car in mint condition.  It’s a silver Infiniti G35. It’s almost 3 years old, and almost not a scratch on in – till now.  So, for me it was very important that when the door was replaced, it wouldn’t look all rough and/or discolored like you see on some cars.  I wanted it to look like nothing ever happened – the way it did before.

    So, I consulted Yelp, and searched for a body shop that had good reviews, and maybe even some feedback on similar damage that was repaired.  The reviews about how much business Karry has are all true.  It’s amazing how much work they have, and how efficient they are at getting it all done.

    Karry told me to come out on, I believe it was the 26th, and he quickly assessed the damage, and gave me an estimate.

    I dropped my car off on Monday morning (1/8/08) – I wasn’t in a hurry to get it fixed, mind you.  I don’t drive much, and I wasn’t interested in a rental car, even though insurance would have covered one (and they will arrange for one to come there and drop off a rental car for you).  I was told that it would take probably about 1 1/2 weeks.

    The person who hit my car had AAA insurance (which also was very good about coming to inspect my car, and negotiating with Karry).

    Saturday, Karry called me and told me it *might* possibly be ready on Monday (15th).  It wasn’t ready by Monday, so I called on Tuesday…
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  • Christopher P.

    San Francisco, CA

    I brought my BMW to Frisco only a couple months ago, but boy almighty did parking on these streets do a number on the exterior. My back bumper was scratched up as if someone took a chisel to it.
    My car was mint before I started dating a girl in the Haight and parking there.
    Anyway I now have a garage space, and decided to get the damage repaired. BMW quoted me a price,Karry matched it and actually ended up beating it.

    The whole experience was fantastic. I got an estimate and appointment the same week. They gave me a ride to the BART after I dropped off my car, and I didn’t have to ask. They finished the job on time and did and excellent job.

    Not only is the bumper back to minty condition, but they fixed other dings and a pretty large scratch on the rear quarter for free! Biggest plus is that as long as I own the car, I can some back to these guys for touchups at no cost.

    Will definitely go here again, but I hope I don’t have to for a long time
    If you need body work, this place should be on your short list.


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  • Ryan T.

    San Francisco, CA

    Karry did an excellent job repairing my 05 4Runner after being rearended.  He also did an great job repairing a tire flare peice another body shop had failed to do correctly.  He had the Truck completed in less than 24 hours after I dropped it off. Free estimate, and was able to get me in when I needed.  Least Painful experience dealing with a body shop ever, which is saying alot.  I would take my truck back to carry if needed in a heartbeat.


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  • Norm L.

    What goes up sometimes just doesn’t want to come down.
    San Francisco, CA

    After being hit by a drunk driver, our bumper was newly replaced and painted and now looks like it did out of the Lexus showroom.  I have to say Karry’s shop is by far the best.  I’ve dealt with a few big body shops around the city and have been extremely disappointed by the poor quality of work.  I have to give him 5 stars for every aspect of the process!!


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  • Amanda U.

    San Francisco, CA

    In the 1 year I have had my precious Audi, I have been to Karry’s shop for 3 different things.  Each time Karry has been absolutely fabulous!!

    ~He’s returned my phone call at 8pm on a Friday night in midst of a total panic attack over my car window not rolling up.  I live in North Beach and park on the street.  It was serious panic time.  I had the first appointment of the day on Saturday.
    ~He’s let me reschedule an appointment to replace another window at least 4 different times w/out the slightest bit of attitude that you would find at other shops.
    ~And finally today, he did NOT laugh at me too badly for fixing headlights that apparently were not broken to begin with.  (Apparently I’m still figuring out how to turn on my headlights????)  Although a slight alteration needed to be made after my bf tried to fix what was not broken.  Karry also did NOT charge me for fixing the bf’s mistake.  And off I was in less than 15 minutes w/ a lesson on how to turn my lights on.

    Overall, I give Karry 5 stars without hesitation!  He does a great job, VERY reasonably priced and he genuinely cares about customer service.  I will keep on returning to Karry for anything else that may need to be taken care of on my car.   I highly suggest you check him out!

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  • Rebecca r.

    Pacifica, CA

    I found Karry on here after a pole hit the rear bumper of my beautiful 2006 BMW 325ci.  After my first experience of yelping a less than perfect hair cut, I wanted a few quotes just to make sure I was getting the best deal and to not make the same mistake twice.  Though I did find one garage that was willing to do the job for much cheaper than Karry’s already reasonable price, I felt much more comfortable with my baby in Karry’s hands.  Karry reassured me that he used top of the line products and paint which the other garage may or may not be using.  He even dropped down his original quote price which was already discounted since I wasn’t going through my insurance.  YOU ROCK MANN!!!
    To make a long story short, Karry was a pleasure to work with.  The plastic bumper was heated up and reshaped, then filled in and repainted.  It looks brand spankin’ new!   I have already recommended him to a few close friends and will without hesitation use his services in the future as needed.


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  • Michael F.

    San Francisco, CA

    A couple weeks ago, I and an honest guy who scraped my rear bumper and a little bit of the side of my Acura TSX brought my car over to Karry’s Auto Body Center.  Karry gave us an estimate and the honest guy, being honest, paid for the work upfront.  The good deed made my day.  I brought my car in later in the week for the services.  To say the least, he did an exceptional job.  Karry is truly an honest and professional mechanic, which from my experience, is extremely hard to find.   I also appreciated his efforts of looking over the rest of my car and fixing little dings here and there.  It’s those little things that can go a long way.  My rear bumper looks brand new and I was impressed with the workmanship.   I definitely will be referring my friends to Karry’s Auto Body.


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  • L. D.

    San Francisco, CA

    Karry’s totally rocks!  They not only do good work, but Karry is so nice!  Here’s my story:  I just bought a brand new 2008 Honda Fit, the first new car I’ve had in 18 years.  I drove it a week, and some flying object came careening out of nowhere, bounced off the hood, and left a nasty dent and scratch on my beautiful, pristine new car.   Needless to say, I was upset.  I looked up Karry’s on Yelp,and proceeded over there.  Karry looked at it, and offered to buff out the scratch on the spot!!  Now there is a small indentation, but the scratch is almost gone.  I love this guy and would use them again in a second.


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  • Sally M.

    San Francisco, CA

    I found Karry’s Auto Body from Yelp reviews and am so appreciative for finding them. Karry helped me make the right decision at a time when I needed to make a quick decision under very difficult circumstances.

    Earlier this spring I got into a car accident where the repairs by one auto body shop were estimated at $3,500-4,000. I took my 10-year old Honda Civic EX to Karry’s, who gave me an estimate of $2,500-3,000 (so much lower and with an estimate I trusted – I knew Karry’s would do quality repairs). Even though the estimate at Karry’s was substantially lower, I was dubious of investing a few thousand dollars into a 10-year old car, even though it was all-paid-off and well-maintained. Plus, I had been considering selling my car anyway, since it is a bit of a nuisance to own one in SF.

    I wasn’t even a customer of Karry’s, but he took the time to help me, nonetheless. It was a Saturday morning, the day after my accident on a rainy Friday night the day before, and I was outside Karry’s shop with the tow-truck driver, who had coincidentally offered to buy my broken car for $1,000 cash. I was debating whether that was a fair offer. Karry took me into his office and we searched around on Craigslist at similar cars like mine – 10-year old Honda Civic EX’s, manual transmission, sun-roof, 4-door, well maintained, and all-around good cars. Mine was valued at around $5,000-5,500 so with potential repairs of $3,000 and the doubtful proposition of selling a broken car (where the damages could potentially be more than aesthetic, as the drive shaft could have been damaged), Karry helped me assess that the $1,000 the tow-truck driver offered me, in cash, was fair. I maybe had a loss of $1,000 on the car’s value, but I certainly didn’t have the friends in…
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  • Megan P.

    Mesa, AZ

    I recently took Jezebel my 2yo Jetta here after a 92-year-old lady changed lanes into my parallel-parked car.

    (BTW, I’m not even joking about that age, I took a camera pic of her driver’s license. Apparently, her DL got renewed 6 months ago but, to quote her, “that doesn’t mean I know how far right is right”… but I digress.)

    My insurance company told me I could get work done at any shop and it would all be taken care of so after looking at Yelp, I went for Karry’s.

    I showed up one afternoon w/o any sort of appointment but Karry was right there to discuss the damage with me, which consisted of a scratch across both driver’s side doors, damage to the front and rear panels and a torn tire as well as a damaged wheel rim. I left the car with him and the entire time it was with him, he was easy to communicate with about what was going on with both the insurance company and the car. When it was finally done, he stayed an hour and a half after closing so that I could pick it up before the weekend. When I did get it back, the inside was detailed and the work made Jezebel look almost brand new. He even buffed out and covered up some other, unrelated scratches for no extra charge.

    I seriously owe this man a bottle of his favorite alcohol. If only there were a socially appropriate way to obtain that information….


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  • Justin W.

    San Francisco, CA

    Wow wowwow!! I saw all the stars and thought “no way could they live up to that.” But they did. They totally did.

    My car’s been a bit of a mess. And with no money and no time, I’ve had to let it ferment in the worst way, watching helplessly as it falls apart piece by piece like it has leprosy. But the worst of it was when my sunroof stuck open. Just before rainy season.

    Now I’m moving my terrarium on wheels to another state. Still no time or money to fix things proper, but I at least wanted to get the sunroof closed, if not repaired, if not replaced, then at least closed so it wouldn’t leak so bad. So I came to Karry’s with no appointment, in the middle of a frantic pre-move day, and pleaded “Do something!”

    Anyone in the last days before an interstate move knows the stress one can be under. Karry (or whoever the guy behind the desk was – I regret I didn’t get his name) jumped up to help, looked over everything, cleaned out the rails of my sunroof, diagnosed the problem, and finally got it to close despite being (1) broken and (2) off its track. His bill? $Zero. $Nada. $Zip. $Nothing. I wanted to throw buckets of money at him, or at least a little sliver of plastic, but he just waved me off with a smile.

    To be honest, I got a little tear in my eye as I drove away. You just don’t find kindness like that in the city nowadays. Or at least I didn’t think you did. I’m genuinely touched. Especially on a day like today, this place is a godsend. I only regret that I can’t give them my business from this day forward.


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  • Carolyn L.

    New York, NY

    The rear bumper of my VW Golf was completely damaged – someone hit my car trying to get out of a steep parking spot on Bush. Luckily, she left a note and promised to take care of all expenses. I went on Yelp and found six auto shops to get estimates from. Karry’s was BY FAR the most resourceful, upfront & friendly auto shop owner I’ve encountered and his pricing was the best out of all six.

    Aside from clearing payment from the woman who was covering the costs, my car was fixed in just days. I even got phone calls from Karry, checking in to let me know that parts have arrived and when work was being done. My car was beautiful (and even cleaned inside and out) when I picked it up.

    I was very happy with the service and will definitely recommend Karry’s Auto Body! Thanks, Karry!


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  • Christine S.

    San Francisco, CA

    I cannot rave enough about the amazing job that Karry did with both my Mercedes SL 500 and S550.  The SL had a badly cracked front bumper. Not only was the cost to repair less than half the cost of replacing the bumper, butKarry’s did such a fantastic job that it is impossible to tell that it was ever damaged. I am very particular about this car, since I love it so much, so it was very important that the repair was done perfectly. They were also very speedy (took 2 days to complete the work) and customer service oriented (gave me a ride to an appointment I had that was in the neighborhood). Karry even investigated and fixed a tire pressure problem that I was having and now everything is perfect.

    My fiancée had an accident in his S550, which damaged the car’s rear bumper, tail-light and moldings. Again after the work was completed, you could not even tell that anything had ever happened to the car. Beautiful work and done in a couple of days. My fiancée is even more particular about his car than me and he could not stop praising Karry’s.

    The piece de restistance was that Karry’s also washed both cars prior to pick-up, which made for a terrific finishing touch.

    I cannot recommend Karry’s enough. Karry Man the owner is so incredibly customer service-oriented, knowledgeable and timely. He generated a detailed quote on the spot which perfectly matched the ultimate cost of the repairs. His pricing is very fair and the the work that his shop does is superb.


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  • Mary L.

    San Francisco, CA

    My 2001 VW Passat Wagon was rear-ended and after doing my research, I went to Karry’s. Not only did he provide a free estimate (damage to the bumper and lift gate), he worked with the other party’s insurance adjuster to agree on costs. Karry called me to let me know when he would start work on my car and also let me know he thought it would take a week to get the repairs done. Lo and behold, a week later my car was fixed and ready to go. As soon as I saw my car, I knew I had made a great decision in choosing Karry. The bumper was brand new and the lift gate looked spectacular; I can’t remember when the car looked so nice! It was clean and spotless too and at no extra charge. What’s even better is that there’s a lifetime guarantee for his work and he even painted over some scratches on the front bumper too — at no cost! Karry let me know additional damage was found after he removed the bumper, but he worked with the insurance company to get it fixed. No hassles for me at all; simply superb! Karry handled everything for me.

    Karry is absolutely amazing. I hope none of my friends have the unfortunate circumstance of being involved in an auto accident, but if they do, I’m totally recommending they go to him. He’s honest, fair, and just a nice guy — you can’t find people (or shop owners) like him these days!


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  • what’s in a nam e.

    San Francisco, CA

    Just reflecting many of the other reviews… Karry knows what he’s doing, and isn’t out to cheat you/rip you off – unlike all the dealerships and many other garages out there.
    I took my BMW Z4 here for some much-needed bodywork (3+ years of city dents, some damage by highway debris et al).
    - I was paying out of pocket, so got a hefty discount.
    - Karry explained everything to me in detail including what parts they needed etc
    - I found this to be cheaper than a couple other places I tried (one in Palo Alto, one in the SoBay)
    - Flexible in giving you estimates with different combinations of things you want to get done. I hate it when they refuse to tell you the difference if you “didn’t get x done but got y done instead” – it’s just clicks on your computer, how difficult is that?!
    - I got back my car in time with 1 minor thing remaining since the part didn’t arrive… but they were very nice about me bringing the car in again whenever I had time (even a month later)

    The bodywork is still holding as of several months later (fingers crossed), so no complaints!


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  • Valerie S.

    San Francisco, CA

    Another 5 star review for Karry’s.

    I baby my Mercedes SLK but it’s gotten a few scrapes on the spoiler from concrete parking stoppers (like at Trader Joes… ughh).  I checked Yelp and loved that Karry had so many positive reviews. I went in for an estimate and was happy with the price.

    I brought the car in and it was finished as promised. It looks great and I’m really happy with the job they did. The price and service were great. If I have anymore auto body repairs, I’m going to Karry.

    Thanks Karry and company!


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  • Ring S.

    San Francisco, CA
    Update – 4/2/2010

    Dropped by Karry’s last month after a minor accident to get a quote.  Karry ended up cleaning off the paint at NO CHARGE!  He’s such an honest guy!  Highly recommended!!


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  • J L.

    San Francisco, CA

    this place is great i took my BMW x3 there to get a dent fix and they gave me a great deal and did a great job i’m even going back to get some other stuff fixed that another auto place messed up real bad.


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  • David L.

    San Francisco, CA

    Karry’s was amazing.  I brought my Audi A3 in for an estimate for MANY nicks and scratches.  I told Karry that I am tired of having the car “permanently fixed” every time someone scratches it, which seems to happen every week.  Karry said I could bring it back the next day and that he would touch-up all the scratches and make that no areas are in danger of rusting.  The car was ready in 2 hours.  The price was INCREDIBLE.  And, he even gave me the extra paint.
    I have several new scratches and I will definitely go back to Karry’s


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  • cheryl t.

    San Francisco, CA

    I just picked my car up and had the trunk, and both bumpers redone. Have an Audi A4 so it had a high end finish.  I was TOTALLY blown away with the high quality of the work.  I could not tell that it was not a new out of the dealer job.  He was the lowest bid I got and significantly below the dealer and so I was worried.  He did a quality job, did it on time and was very easy to deal with.  What a nice surprise.  Plus, they found a $50 dollar bill I dropped under my seat and guess what……I got it back.  Could not recommend him more highly.  Karry Man is the owner.


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  • Becca O.

    San Francisco, CA

    Karry’s was the easiest & most pleasant experience I’ve probably ever had when getting car repairs! Karry’s estimate was very reasonable, (I went for a grille replacement & a dented front door/fender) and he told me the repairs would take about a week. 2 days later, he called & told me my car would be finished the next day! When I got to the shop, Karry asked me if I had seen my car, and since I hadn’t seen it yet, he walked me out the door to check it out. When I saw my 99 Volkswagen Jetta, I literally squealed! My car looked just about as good as the day I bought it!! I hadn’t seen the car shine like that in at least 7 or 8 years!!  Karry& his team had done some additional painting, washed, & waxed the entire car!! It looks AMAZING! I didn’t know the car could still look like that. Had it not been inappropriate, I would have jumped on Karry& given him a big bear hug. Thanks a bunch!!!!!!!!


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  • Genevieve H.

    San Francisco, CA
    Update – 9/1/2009

    This is my second 5-star review for Karry. This time, I brought in my dad’s Lexus SUV on 8/25/09. The front and rear bumpers needed to be fixed and a cracked windshield replaced. I wanted to save money and requested the bumpers not be 100% perfect. The job was completed a day early on 8/31, the car was clean, and the bumpers looked perfect! My co-worker referred me to Karry and he earned my trust when he helped me with my car. I highly recommend him. However, I don’t want to see him anytime soon!


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  • Lauren H.

    San Francisco, CA

    I’m an idiot when it comes to cars. I don’t want to deal when mine breaks. What’s great about Karry is he takes care of EVERYTHING. You basically just drop off your car and he takes care of the rest, even the messy stuff with insurance companies (hint, hint!).

    My poor toyota was hit twice in the span of two months while parked on the streets of SF. Once, a car rolled backward into it on Fell while it was parked and smashed in the front hood. The second time, my drunk limo-driving neighbor rammed off my bumper in front of my apartment. Both times, Karry took care of me immediately and dealt with the AAA insurance folks. He even fixed up some other dents and scratches for free.

    Big thumbs up!


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  • Aspasia I.

    San Francisco, CA

    My poor Honda was hit this year and I decided to take it to Karry’s after reading all the great reviews here. Truth be told I am very happy with how great of a job they did and in a much timely manner.

    The minute I dropped off my car it all went smoothly with the insurance and the repair. Glad to have my car back and really appreciate the great service I received.


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  • Lou G.

    San Francisco, CA

    This is my 1st review. I like NOT being nickled and dimed. First let’s go back a bit shall we?

    This past weekend a moment of carelessness left my 2010 brand new oversized BMW X5 with some damage after scraping against my classically undersized SF garage frame. Now, I’ve always been a do-it-yourself sort of handy-guy, but I’ve come to two realizations: 1. Every craft has its own intricacies, special tools, and tricks that come with years of experience, and 2. I value my sanity more than saving a few bucks, so I did what’s sensible, yelp around for a good repair shop. I called on Wednesday and set an appointment for 9am Friday at Karry’s Auto Body Center.

    I arrived for my appointment and was immediately greeted in a fashion reminiscent of a Waldorf Astoria Doorman. Almost instantaneously, Karry Man got two of his guys on the job, one to remove stubbornly stuck garage door frame paint from the area (and polish it), and the other to disassemble a portion of the front bumper in order to re-attach a reflector lens. He said it would take 10 minutes so I decided to go get coffee. I took my time and noted that the general area has lots and lots of Auto Body Shops, all of which seemed to be at various stages of opening (at the time Karry’s was in full swing). I came back just in time to see the re-assembly of the bumper, which included a “rivet tool” which I know I don’t have. All in all the work took 30 minutes and it looked fantastic! I was concerned, as that kinda service usually costs a pretty penny, so I mentioned that I was “self-pay”, as he offers 25% off labor for self-pay (no insurance) customers. As it turned out, his price was very reasonable, the work was excellent, and I’m ecstatic…
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  • Dana H.

    San Francisco, CA

    There is a reason why Karry’s has such excellent reviews – Kerry and his staff are both professional and get the job done.  The prices are reasonable and the quality of the repairs cannot be beat.  My Prius needed some work done after an accident and based on the great reviews on Yelp I knew exactly where I needed to go.

    Kerry personally called and updated me with every issue that came up and returned my car in perfect shape.  He took the time to explain all of the repairs and his staff washed my car before it was returned to me.  This is a great body shop that I would recommend without hesitation

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  • kelly b.

    San Francisco, CA

    Karry is awesome!  So is Veronica the front desk girl, she answered all my dumb questions about how to deal with insurance guys.  I have always had 15 year old beaters n could care less if someone hit them.  last year I got a 2010 Yaris.  A very nice lady hit it when it was parked by Lake Merritt a few weeks ago, she left a note with her name n number of her insurance company, century 21.

    Karry had my car looking shinny n new in 4 days!!!!



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  • Kato D.

    San Francisco, CA

    Several months ago someone pulling out of a parking space hit my rear bumper. Their paint was on my car and it was scratched pretty bad. I went to get a quote from another auto body place and was quoted $275. The place I got the quote from was busy and it seemed like a good price.

    I then thought I would get an estimate at the highest rated autobodyplace which happens to be Karry’s. I go in without an appointment and was told by a tatted guy that Karry just stepped out. I guess Karry does all the estimates himself. I wait for a couple of minutes and Karry shows up. I show him the car and guess how much he quoted me? Zero. Zip. Nada.

    Karry informs me that I got a paint transfer. He then goes into his shop and takes out some paint remover and wipes the “scratches” from my car’s bumper. The other guys who won’t be mentioned, was going to charge me $250 for wiping down my bumper.

    Karry doesn’t ask for payment and I tell him that “no wonder you guys are rated #1 on yelp”. What an honest dude.

    Do yourself a favor, if you are looking for a repputable place, backed up by 5 Star reviews you should check this place out. THANKS KARRY!

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  • Nick S.

    San Francisco, CA

    After finally getting my 13-piece stainless mesh grille combo and matching exhaustpipe surround, I realized that installation would not have been nearly as simple as implied on the website, and I wasn’t about to risk destroying my new Corvette Grand Sport.

    But before contacting the mesh grille manufacturer for recommendations on an installer, I found Karry’s and a sizeable stack of glowing reviews here.

    I met with him late last week.  He told me it would take a full day involving lots of complicated disassembly, but when he quoted me a very reasonable $300, I jumped at it, even though I was pretty convinced that the price would somehow double, or triple as the job progressed.  And by the end of the day, when he called to tell me that there was 1 final piece he couldn’t attach (and that I would have to bring the car back the following week for another full day), I was sure the quote would skyrocket.

    However, when I showed up, he asked me to wait around a short while, that they were able to figure it out and it would be done.

    And sure enough, the bill was a VERY REASONABLE $300!  Karry and Veronica (in the front office) were genuine, personable people … something you don’t often find in this type of environment.  I wouldn’t hesitate to go back there, though I hope and pray I don’t go overboard and end up pimping my ride…!.

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  • Foodies C.

    San Francisco, CA

    just the facts:
    (1) brought in my audi a4 to fix a few dings that accumulated over the years.  my car came back perfect on time and on budget,
    (2) karry and his staff provided friendly service and timely phone updates
    (3) when he saw the scratch on my girlfriend’s car, he told us he could buff it out which he did COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE.

    folks, it doesn’t get much better than this.  go to karry’s.

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  • Trevor F.

    San Francisco, CA

    This was the second time I went to Karry. I first took my BMW there when a U-Haul truck was backed into my 3-series sedan. He fixed me up good as new and jumped through the hoops with the insurance company to get the job done in a few days.

    This time someone rear ended my girlfriend’s Acura RDX and it was in need of some bumper repair. Karry again was the most reasonable quote and also cut the girl (who hit her) a break by cutting the rate on labor because she was paying in cash. I took the car in Monday morning, and it was finished Tuesday night (no joke). The work was impeccable, and the paint match was exact.

    I am definitely someone who babies their cars and has a high attention to detail when working on my car. I was thoroughly impressed with the work and the warranty on both jobs Karry did for me. In addition, he is a true professional. Accurate quotes, appropriate expectations, and delivers on time. I wish more businesses ran this way.

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  • Charlie G.

    San Francisco, CA

    Karrys’ already gets a lot of 5 star reviews,  but I am writing this in response to the set of reviews that mention a lack of quality.

    Short answer:  Quality is superb.

    First, let me mention I knew nothing about Karry’s until I needed my car to be repaired and looked up places on Yelp, and I get nothing from posting this.

    I have a relatively new 2009 Audi A4, and one day I smashed the heck out of it in my garage.  The entire side of the door was scraped with a nasty maybe 18 inch indentation along the side.  The Audi dealer wanted multiple thousands of dollars to fix it.

    I went to a number of places to get estimates and Karry’s was the lowest, being many times less than the dealer.

    I was a little worried about the quality after reading a couple of negative reviews and given this was a relatively new car, but decided to go for it anyways.

    I was pretty amazed with the result.  This is a pretty new car, and when I got it back, I could not at all tell anything was wrong with the car.  It literally came back as if it were new.  Karrys did an AMAZING  job.

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  • Gregorio P.

    San Francisco, CA

    People dont plan to fail, they fail to plan!!!

    First of all, Let me tell you that I’m a very picky person when it comes to getting my cars worked on. I can honestly say that I found Karry’s Auto Body Center to be one of the best!!!!
    We took our 03 Mercedes SL-500 to have some paint work done and when I received it back in 4 days, It turned out better then I anticipated. The staff are all very polite, Karry has stepped up his already awsome Customer Service to another level by adding a very professional and knowledgeable member to his team, Regina is AWSOME!!!!

    Two days after we had the paint done, I messed up the front bumper cover and the AMG kit in a minor accident, I immediately called Karry, He was very concerned about us and told me he will take care of our car and put it back together like new.
    Again when we picked up my car, Karry and Regina made sure that our car was Perfect!!!! I will continue to use Karry for all my auto body needs, I HIGHLY recommend Karry, THANK YOU TEAM KARRY!!!!

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